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Sentosa Cove Landed Properties

Most know Sentosa Cove as the ultimate tourist destination. Between the magnificent man-made beaches, theme parks, bountiful shops, award winning restaurants and bars, and championship golf courses, there is something for everyone. What many don’t realize, however, is that Sentosa Cove is also home to some very opulent residential houses and condominiums.
It is a very typical site to see Ferraris and Rolls Royce’s driving around and parked in the driveways of many Sentosa Cove houses. The residential areas are essentially split up into 10 distinct districts, each of them having their own flavor:
Sandy Island and Pearl Island– with 18 units at about $14 million apiece, Sandy Island is one of the premier districts located in the South Cove that will take your breath away. With monster houses up to 9,200 square feet, this is the utmost of luxury in a place known for its luxury.

Coral Island, Treasure Island, and Paradise Island – Located in the North Cove, these are each being built by a single developer. They resemble typical uniform houses that connect to the main island through an intimate chain of bridges, and have guard posts that discourage any non-residents from driving through the area. If you’re looking for the unbelievable life of Sentosa Cove at a more reasonable price, these three islands will fit the bill.

Kasara on the Lake – if you’re looking for a more intimate setting in which beautiful, upscale villas promote the sense of camaraderie, look no further than Kasara. Residing within the bamboo forest and sitting on the glimmering lake, you’ll notice that every view was specifically designed to inspire awe in all those who partake. There are thirteen villas in total, with each possessing their own deliberate style and class that will drive even the most demanding resident’s respect.
Ocean drive can be considered one of the wealthiest streets in the world, with each Sentosa Cove condominium perched on the beach and boasting private yacht docking. You’ll find the most relaxing atmosphere set amidst a feeling of neighborly warmth when you take a spin on Ocean Drive.

Unlike Ocean Drive, Cove Drive sports and almost theme park type atmosphere. With houses that resemble carribean getaways, or even an Egyptian tomb, you’ll find the richest of the rich here, and they will show it with their creative homes.
The Villas is one of the more prominent condominiums located on Ocean Drive. A more practical option than Cove Drive, you’ll find a swimming pool, and numerous water features, both manmade and natural. At just 8 units, you’ll realized the residents are a tight nit group that resemble more of a family than a neighborhood.

The Green Collection – At 20 homes, these are the epitome of class. Situated on the Tanjong Fairways, these are some of the most exclusive houses on the Cove, and are surrounded by green knolls and beautiful sunrises. Even though it is still in development, one of the world’s most famed architects, Zaha Hadid, is designing each and every detail, and it stands to be a gem.

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